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How long does it take to process my order ?

Typically an order is processed within 24 hours within working days. This may vary a little if the order is placed during the weekend or holidays.

When will I receive my e-Bopp products ?

Once the order is processed (~24h) you will receive a scheduled date of shipping from Florida, USA were our products are manufactured. Made to measure motorized roller shades are typically manufactured and shipped within 3 weeks.

Where is my order ?

Once shipped you will received a tracking number. All products are ground shipped and depending of your location it may take a couple days.

Where do I enter a promotion code ?

You will be asked to enter the promotion code at the very end when you do the payment.


Tape Measurer for window depth

Use the right tape

Tapes Showing the 1/8″ help to prevent misreadings

Wall To Wall

Measure Wall to Wall

Measure Tile Inside

Measure TOP & BOTTOM

Even if there no Plinth or Tile, ALWAYS measure TOP & BOTTOM

Measure All Window

Measure All Windows

Even for Identical windows, measure ALL of them

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1.1 Step by Step Installation Guidelines

1.2 Installation Video

1.3 Tips

Measure Level


For a good and functional installation, make sure you Roller is Leveled. Attention the Bubble must be right in the center !

1.5 Screws

In most houses, they are studs around windows that will guaranty an easy and strong fixing with 1.5″ regular screws.

What if there is no stud around the window ?

In most houses, they are studs around windows that will guaranty an easy and strong fixing with 1.5″ regular screws.

In the case, there is no stud behind the drywall we do recommend to use the proper anchor. See example


Charger for e-Bopp motorized shade


Your shade comes with a charger

How to set up your motor charging cable in your cassette so it is easy to access and hidden

When do I need to charge ?

When the shade will stop working, connect the charger to the SOMFY motor plug.

Note : The shade can be used during charging – Make sure the wires do not interfere with the fabric.


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myLink Setup

– myLink Setup Tips

– Somfy myLink Initial Setup and RTS Programming

– How much do motorized shades or blinds cost ?

Typical price range

For a good quality and evolutive solutions, the Typical price range for a Width 34” x height 64” window is ~$450.
For this cost your e-Bopp shade comes with a Somfy motor and a Somfy remote.

Are motorized shades worth it ?

Yes, they are worth the investment !
They had to the security, privacy, and efficiency of your home.
Going for motorized shades is also a good way to step into the word of smart homes.

– Why SOMFY Motorized Shades are the best ?

Shades or Blinds motorized with SOMFY Motors are the best because they are Safe, Reliable and can Adapt to your smart environment.
Safe : A battery may leaks or burns. All SOMFY Motors are tested and qualified to remain safe even in the event of a misuse. In the very rare event of fire, all parts are designed and tested to avoid the propagation.
Reliable : SOMFY products have a 5 years warranty and are tested to last 10 years and more.
Adaptable : With the SOMFY myLink , you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy. Eventhough they were installed before smart phones were on the market !

– What do I need to know about your Fabrics ?

e-Bopp Fabrics are from Europe or USA – They are trendy and made to satisfy customers’ daily use for many years. Safe to use and Robust, they comply with European and/or US Standards to guarantee their Quality.

Motorized Roller shades do not get dirty by hands or by the accumulation of dust as other type of shades. Nevertheless, in the eventuality of water projection, they remain very easy to clean with a dry cloth or clear water.

Information about blackout, light filtering and see through fabrics

– SOMFY Motors with Li-ion Batteries

1. How long will shade operate before the Li-Ion Batteries need to be charged ?

1. How Long will shade operate before the Li-Ion Batteries need to be charged ?

Users can expect approximately at least 1 year of shade operation before the batteries need to be charged. This is based on an average shade that is operated one cycle per day.

2. How many shade cycle can I expect per charge ?

500 -Somfy products use high quality Li-ion batteries that have been tested to power 500 up/down cycles per charge. This will vary based on the size and weight of the shade.

3. How many times can the Li-ion rechargeable battery be charged ?

500-Somfy tests including load, radio sleep/wake and overall lifecycle testing indicate that Li-ion batteries can be re-charged approximately 500 times which provides extended, reliable operation.

4. What is going to happen when the batteries will be depleted ?

The shade will stop working, most likely in the upper position.

Be aware that there is no sign of weakness prior a battery depleted. If needed, the shade can be operated when the charger is plugged.

5. Video

– Make it Smart with myLink

What is SOMFY myLink ?

The SOMFY myLink is a simple device that turns your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy. myLink now works with Alexa, IFFTT and Google Assistant via IFTTT !

What are the benefits of myLink ?

Comfort & Convenience

  • Use a smartphone or tablet to operate up to 16 channels of motorized products whether home or away.
  • Effortlessly manage sunlight to reduce glare, increase privacy, or let the sunshine in to create the ideal living environment.
  • Create different scenes that incorporate a variety of motorized products across different channels.
  • Use natural voice commands to control RTS motorized solutions by adding myLink

Energy Savings

  • Schedule timed events to automatically operate motorized products to reduce heat gain/loss. 

Connected Living

  • Always have control of your motorized applicatons regardless of where you are.
  • Compatible with Somfy Synergy™ API making myLink integration ready.
  • Compatible with Control4, Crestron, Savant, Elan, RTI, URC, Brilliant Tech and other automation systems.
  • Control Somfy-powered solutions with any Alexa-enabled or Google Home device.


  • All RTS motors and receivers

More about myLink

How to Set Up My Link ?

What are the benefits of the SOMFY Sunis Sun Sensor ?

Comfort & Convenience

The Sunis Indoor WireFreeTM RTS (Radio Technology Somfy®) sun sensor automatically operates e-Bopp motorized shades according to the amount of sunlight in a room.

This easy-to-program sensor protects valuable furnishings, increases energy efficiency and creates a lived-in look to increase security

  • Thermal Comfort: optimizes room temperature levels
  • Protection of Interior Décor: preserves the life of valuable furnishings by reducing damage caused by UV rays
  • Energy Savings: protects against heat gain and heat loss • Increased Security: creates a “lived-in look”

More about SOMFY Sunis Indoor Wirefree RTS Sun Sensor

– Warranty

Are Somfy powered products warrantied ?

Yes. Somfy offers end product suppliers a 5 year warranty on all motors and controls. Specifically, Somfy warrants its motors and controls to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and proper use for a period of 5 years commencing with the date stamped on each product.

What if I make a mistake when measuring ?

If there is a mistake on the order (Fabric, Dimension, Color, …)  e-Bopp will refund 50% of the product initially ordered, under the following procedure:  

#1 A new product to replace the wrong one must be purchased to get the refund.
#2 The refund will occur only once the defective product has been received by e.Bopp LLC.
#3 To get the agreement you must contact e-Bopp LLC at with the details of how mistake occurred. A Returned Agreement number (RA#) will be sent by e-Bopp LLC as a sole and only confirmation of the returned authorization.

To avoid any mistake, please read carefully the advice “Measure Twice, cut once …”on MySelection page

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