Our Story

e-Bopp was founded by a father-and-son from the Alps region of Eastern France. Their goal was to translate years of experience selling motorized shades in Europe to the North American market. With the evolution of smart technology for the home, e-Bopp’s product is more relevant than ever.

The true start to our story, however, begins with the Bopp brothers who pioneered vertical blinds in 1950 in Kansas City, MI. By simplifying the process of offering high-end custom shades, e-Bopp pays homage to the Bopp brothers’ initial vision of window coverings.

The e-Bopp Team

With 25 years of experience in the motorized shade industry, the e-Bopp team has extensive knowledge of customer expectations. We are all daily users of motorized shades – some for more than 20 years. With the same motors, daily!

Our multi-generational team brings fresh perspectives and understands the varying needs of our vast clientele.

The Comfort of motorized shades for all

With No compromise to Safety, Quality & Design, e-Bopp is willing to offer the best of motorization and Smart shading to all at affordable price!

The California Vibe

Born in sunny Southern California, e-Bopp want to bring you the feeling of well being plus the satisfaction of using robust motorized shades.

The very first day you use your e-Bopp shade you will know you’ve made the right decision. Then day after day this good feeling will reinforce as you will enjoy more and more the comfort of e-Bopp shades.